Ytsara Eye & Lip Make-Up Erase | 100 ml

Ytsara Eye & Lip Make-Up Erase | 100 ml


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A non-oily bi-phase remover able to even erase waterproof make-up while providing special care to the delicate skin of this area. Ginkgo leaf helps protect against free radicals and inflammation, Hazelnut moisturizes and tightens and Cornflower soothes while lightening dark circles. Skin is more resilient through the stimulation of new cells and collagen production.

Usage Directions

Soak a cotton pad and apply to the closed eyelid/lips for a few seconds to loosen make-up. Use a gentle downward stroke. Repeat until cotton pad comes clean.ÊRinse.

Key Ingredients

Gingko, Centaurea / Cornflower and Hazelnut oil


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